Geneseo Youth Soccer

About Our Club

Vision: To develop top ranked soccer players; championship High School teams; popular and productive youth programs; and passionate adult soccer fans--all by committing to a long term path for individual player development.
Misson: Provide the best soccer training programs to the greatest number of area youth at the lowest reasonable cost.
  -Success defined by player development--not by team wins.
  -Quality Coaching


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May 22,2014

U6-U7 Night Rained Out!

U6-U7 Night Rained Out!

May 16,2014

Spring Survey

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May 02,2014

GYS Feedback Day

We need to hear your feedback and creative ideas! We also have a lot of small volunteer tasks and roles that must be filled soon. Join us on May 10th (1:00 pm) or May 14th (5:30 pm) at the Geneseo Community Center to pro...

Field Status

Closed Closed

Field 6: U12-U13 and U14+ (01:01 PM | 03/20/14)

Closed Closed

Field 5: U10-U11 (01:03 PM | 03/20/14)

Closed Closed

Field 4: U7 (01:04 PM | 03/20/14)

Closed Closed

Field 1: U8-U9 (01:04 PM | 03/20/14)

Closed Closed

Field 2 (01:05 PM | 03/20/14)

Closed Closed

Field 3 (01:05 PM | 03/20/14)

Open Open

Culver Valley (01:06 PM | 03/20/14)